About Garden Heirlooms

Kari Thompson is the Owner/Designer for Garden Heirlooms of Fredericksburg, a wedding floral design and landscape design business. She worked for several years at a well known florist in historic, downtown Fredericksburg, before opening her own residential business in 2000. Inspired by the English cottage garden style and her love of heirloom roses, Kari combines the elements of scent, contrasts, and variety into each of her fresh floral creations and professional garden designs.

She and her husband, Greg, and their two children, Courtney and Bret are longtime Fredericksburg residents. By keeping up with landscape and design trends, she has also added new varieties of roses, foliage such as Poet's Laurel, and unique annuals & perennials for use in both her floral arrangements as well as her landscape designs. She also propagates many of her favorites such as white and blue varieties of Agapanthus, different Hellebores, and many of the variegated Hostas for the shade gardens and as special focal accents in her arrangements.

For the last 8 years, she has also added landscape design services into her business portfolio. While specializing in cottage garden design, her main goal is to incorporate the preferences and needs of her clients to help create appealing landscapes using contrasting colors, textures and shapes in her designs.

As a longtime gardener, she emphasizes good gardening practices and a love for collecting and using unique plants. Also, as a proponant of organic practices for the garden, she enjoys educating her customers about the joys of enriching soils, creating compost bins, and mulching to conserve moisture.