Landscape Design

The goal we look for in making recommendations to clients is to help them create a unique landscape design. We incorporate all of their needs and wishes into a cohesive plan. This includes a variety of interesting plants with contrasting colors, shapes and textures.

Depending on client preference and house location, we usually prepare a slightly more formal approach to the front entrance. To do this, we use low maintenance, unusual varieties of plant material in repeat patterns. This blends together to provide layers of texture and color that visually leads the eye up towards the house.

Often there will be a nice area for a more informal cottage garden look, which is where it's fun to get all of the client's favorite flowers. Anything from a long remembered peony from their grandmother's garden, or a unique blooming perennial, such as the pineapple lily, which adds immediate contrast in both shape and color to almost any garden.

This is where the imagination really takes over. We can emphasize fragrances, certain color themes, favorite specialty plants, a shade garden that's full of bloom, or even an English cottage rose and herb garden.

New this year in the garden are several hardscape projects designs, which are beautifully crafted and give focal interest to the surrounding beds.